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GMRE Principals

Arnold G. Doden - Geologist
Arnold G. Doden, Ph.D., P.G. Dr. Doden earned a bachelor's degree in Geology from the University of Northern Iowa, an M.S. in Geology from Iowa State University, and a Ph.D. in Geosciences from Penn State University.  He also received a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the Penn State University World Campus and is a Licensed Professional Geologist in the state of Pennsylvania.   Dr. Doden has taken accredited short courses in geotechnical engineering basics, landslide recognition and investigation, the use of GIS in mining applications, kimberlites and diamond exploration, and others.  As a visiting professor at Susquehanna University, Doden taught courses in Waste Management, Environmental Geology, Environmental Hazards, and Structural Geology & Field Methods.  He also assisted with the instruction of summer geology field school and courses in field methods while attending graduate school.  In both research and industry consulting work Dr. Doden has considerable experience in conducting field-based geologic studies.  These include bedrock mapping, evaluation of slope stability problems, and stereoscopic mapping for linear features.  He also has expertise in petrographic analysis of minerals and rocks as well as instrumental analysis using XRF, electron microprobe, and other techniques in geochemistry.  Dr. Doden is a Principal and Consulting Geologist with GMRE, Inc. and has been leading GMRE's efforts in producing bedrock geology maps of 7.5 minute quadrangles in central Pennsylvania.  These projects are part of the State Map program supported by the PA Bureau of Topographic and Geological Survey and the USGS.  In addition to geologic studies of aggregate quarries in central Pennsylvania, Dr. Doden was involved in geologic mapping and mineralogic studies of the pyrite problem at Skytop/I99, Centre County, PA.  Dr. Doden's research background is in igneous mineralogy and petrology, with an emphasis on kimberlites and other diamond source rocks.  He has conducted field studies on various topics in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, and Iceland.  Dr. Doden provides the CAD and GIS services offered by GMRE, Inc. in its production of geologic maps, cross-sections, and related materials.

David (Duff) P. Gold - Geologist
David (Duff) P. Gold, Ph.D., P.G.  Professional education includes a B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. from the University of Natal, South Africa  and a Ph.D. from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.  Dr. Gold also has taken accredited short courses in fractals and chaos theory, diamond exploration, and landslide technology and control.  He retired as Professor Emeritus after a long career at Penn State University where he taught  Economic Geology, Geology of Industrial Minerals, Geology of Construction Materials, Geology of North America, and other courses.  Dr. Gold is a Licensed Professional Geologist in the state of Pennsylvania.  He co-teaches short courses for the National Ground Water Association on “Fracture Trace and Lineaments Analysis: Application to Ground Water Resource Characterization and Protection” with Richard R. Parizek.  Gold worked as a geologist for Union Corporation in Southern Africa, where he gained experience in mining geology, and in exploration for gold, platinum and torbanite. Other work experience includes regional geological mapping on the Canadian Shield (Grenville, Nickel Belt, and in the Labrador Trough (Ungava and Schefferville)) for Quebec Department of Mines, and U.S Steel Corp. and in diamond exploration for Superior Minerals and BHP in Wyoming and the Archangel Shield in Russia.  He has developed an expertise in alkalic rocks (carbonatites, kimberlites and lamproites) from thesis work on the Oka Carbonatite Complex, Canada, and in Meteorite Impact phenomena from investigations of sites in Canada, for the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, and in Africa for NASA. Current activities include geological characterization of an archaeological site in Egypt, detailed mapping and resource evaluation around active aggregate quarries in Pennsylvania, and the characterization and risk assessment of excavating into pyritic deposits during highway construction in Pennsylvania for PennDOT.

GMRE Affiliates

Barry E. Scheetz - Consulting Scientist
Barry E. Scheetz, Ph.D.  Dr. Scheetz holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Education from Bloomsburg State College and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Geochemistry and Mineralogy from Penn State University.  Dr. Scheetz is currently a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, a faculty member of the Materials Program of the Graduate School, and a member of the Environmental Pollution Control Faculty and has been a faculty member at Penn State for over 30 years. He is also a Senior Scientist at the Thomas Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute and the Director of the Center for Dirt & Gravel Road Studies. 

​Dr. Scheetz has worked as a materials scientist specializing in the chemistry and mineralogy of cementitious systems for concrete in transportation infrastructure, including fly ash, slag, silica fume and natural pozzolans blended into ternary combination. He has also directed research in the use of similar waste materials for engineering into ceramic proppants for energy recovery. His work has focused on the use of Portland cement systems for civil infrastructure applications under SHRP and NCHRP sponsorship.

Additionally, Dr. Scheetz's research activities extend to the use of cementitious materials in a variety of nuclear applications from his early work on sealing deep geological repositories to ongoing programs of wasteform development for high-level nuclear waste.  Among other clients, he has consulted on nuclear waste disposal for the State Attorney General of New Mexico and Oak Ridge National Laboratory's investigation of the "Valley of the Drums".  Professor Scheetz is also active in work to restore mining ravaged environments with the use of cementitious grouts derived from pozzolanic reactions with fly ash. His activities focus on the large-volume utilization of industrial by-products. Recent programs have been using fly ash and alkaline waste activators to fabricate non-traditional, alkali-activated cements for use in environmental restoration.

​Dr. Scheetz has served on numerous National Research Council committees and is the recipient of many awards, such as a National Academy of Sciences Visiting Scholar appointment to China.  He holds 8 U.S. and foreign patents and is the author of over 200 refereed scientific publications and more than 210 technical reports to contractors.

Kevin L. Hoover - Consulting Hydrologist/Geologist/Wetlands Specialist of Water's Edge Hydrology, Inc.
Kevin L. Hoover, PG, PHGW, PWS,   Kevin Hoover holds an A.S. degree in Forest Technology and a B.S. degree in Geosciences – Biogeology, all from Penn State University.  He is a Registered Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania and Wyoming and is a Certified Professional Hydrologist in Groundwater and a Certified Professional Wetland Scientist.  Mr. Hoover has 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting field with expertise in surface and groundwater hydrology, water quality, economic geology, ecology, and botany.  He has served the mining and utilities industries as a consulting geologist and water quality compliance expert, and as a university instructor for mine engineering and reclamation.  

Mr. Hoover specializes in the design of passive treatment systems for AMD and other metals-contaminated wastewaters, and constructed wetlands for mitigation and habitat improvement.  He has completed over 35 passive water treatment projects including the award-winning Springdale passive treatment system in Pennsylvania.  He is the principal author of the Electric Power Research Institute’s Design, Construction, and Maintenance Manual for Passive Treatment of Wastewaters, and developer of the Passive Treatment Planning Tool, an expert program for rapid sizing and cost estimating of passive treatment systems.  Mr. Hoover provides environmental consulting services including wetland delineations, permitting and regulatory compliance for land development projects throughout the United States. He has also served as a mining expert for stream impacts, a botanical expert for identification of Threatened and Endangered plant species, and an ecological expert for the planning of stream corridor habitat restoration.  He is skilled in field surveys, functional value assessments, and data gathering techniques and serves as a senior data analyst and technical report writer.  

Mr. Hoover is active in ongoing research to develop improved passive treatment and wetland habitat improvement/creation techniques, and has made numerous presentations and publications on these topics.  Among his accomplishments are the first flow sizing criteria for treatment wetlands, the first loading-based sizing criteria for manganese-oxidizing bacteria beds, and the first applications of passive mine drainage treatment techniques to acid rain runoff abatement.  In addition to his consulting career, Mr. Hoover has been a long-time instructor for various undergraduate field geology courses in the western United States, and assisted with the Yellowstone-Bighorn Research Association, a field geology station located in Red Lodge, Montana.  Mr. Hoover is Senior Associate and Senior Environmental Scientist with Waters Edge Hydrology, Inc. 

Hubert L. Barnes - Consulting Geochemist
Hu Barnes, Ph.D., P.G.  Dr. Barnes earned a bachelor’s degree in geology from the Massachusetts Institute Technology and a Ph.D. from Columbia University in economic geology.  He is a Licensed Professional Geologist in the state of Pennsylvania.  He retired as Distinguished Professor Emeritus after a long career at Penn State University.  

For many years Dr. Barnes led the Ore Deposits Research Section in the Department of Geosciences, supervised numerous graduate theses, and authored more than 200 publications primarily in the field of ore deposits geochemistry and experimental geochemistry.  He served in many national level science administrative positions, including membership on various boards for the National Research Council, the Department of Energy, as President of the Geochemical Society, and others.  He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and the Mineralogical Society of America.  Dr. Barnes has been awarded 12 endowed lectureships, four U.S. patents for novel scientific processes, including two 2013 patents for the “Acid-Cure Slurry”, a simple, cost-effective method to control ARD.  

In addition to his numerous academic achievements, Dr. Barnes has been a consulting geologist for more than 30 corporations and organizations.  Some of his recent consulting work was for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation on the ARD problem at Skytop/Route I99.  Dr. Barnes was also a board member of Scientific Systems, Inc. of State College, PA, Pittsburgh Environmental Systems, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, and Applied Research and Exploration, Inc., of Toronto, CA and State College, PA (President of ARE, Inc. for 12 years).

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